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Product Nameonline Air valve and diffuser
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
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  • Membrane Check Valve Fine Bubble Diffuser from Cole

    Diffusers are also used to diffuse digester gases such as hydrogen sulfide and sulphur dioxide; for the introduction of ozone for the purpose of oxidizing and destroying bacterial and organic chemical contaminants; and for carbon dioxide injection for recarbonization and pH adjustment. Order air blowers separately to complete your system.

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  • Diffusers & Accessories

    A happy, healthy lake, pond, or tank requires a good aeration system. Air diffusers are an efficient and economical way to introduce oxygen (or other gasses) into the water. At Pentair AES, our selection of air diffusers (also known as air stones) includes Sweetwater, Point Four, diffuser tubing, flat ceramic, diffuser manifolds, and much more.

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  • Airmaster | Disc Valve | HVAC Ceiling Diffuser | Jet

    Description. Description. Disc valves are used as an alternative to ceiling diffuser. They are most commonly used for the purpose of ventilation. The air flow through the disk valve can be adjusted by rotating the disc clockwise or anticlockwise. The rotation changes the free area between the disc and the frame.

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  • 지스아쿠아 | Ziss Air Diffuser / Valve

    Ziss Air Diffuser ZAD-15 is the new concept air diffuser which works by tightening and opening the felts. So you can clean or replace this important part easily. ZAD-15 is itself sinking, so you can simply use it in your aquarium and can give fine bubbles and big bubbles also.

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  • Fisher™ Vent Diffusers | Emerson US

    Fisher 6012 vent diffusers offer proven noise and vibration control in sky vent applications. A vent diffuser places back pressure on the control valve while venting process to the atmosphere and shares the total pressure drop with the vent valve. This reduces the vent valve noise and noise at the atmospheric vent point.

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  • Exhaust and Supply Air Valves (EPV

    Air valves offer a simple yet effective means of providing supply and extract air for most commercial, industrial and domestic ventilation applications. The Models EPV-1, SPV-2 are typically installed in Hotels, Flats, Apartments, Halls of Residence and Hospitals. Construction. All main components from Pressed Steel with foam gasket seal.

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    VENTS-US A 200/150 VRF Air Plastic Disc Valve Diffuser can be used for both air intake and exhaust. Recommended for ceiling and drop ceiling applications. 360-degree diffusion pattern. The baffle can be rotated to obtain the required air consumption liste

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  • Manrose 1250 100mm (4") Circular Air Diffuser

    100mm (4") Circular Air Diffuser - Duct Valves with Spring Connection Code: 1250. Write a review £21.81 £26.17 trade £9.54. £11.45 inc Add

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  • Extract air diffusers |

    Round extract air valve for ceiling or wall installation EXP Perforated extract air diffuser EXP Free Circular extract air diffuser for suspended mounting GRC Circular egg crate grille for transfer/extract air and wall/ceiling mounting GRL Rectangular egg crate grille HAWK Ceiling

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  • Windmill Diffuser Air Stone w/Backflow Valve & 2 Way Valve

    When running more than one diffuser air stone, the high-quality 2-way selector valve allows you to adjust airflow between multiple air stones with one windmill. The backflow valve (or foot valve) works with the air stone to keep water from backing up in your airline, which could freeze in the winter months.

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  • ADCA DF15 Noise Diffuser

    ADCA's DF15 Noise Diffuser is suitable for saturated steam and compressed air applications; on the discharge of steam or air traps, blowdown valves and air cylinders. The DF15 all Stainless Steel noise diffuser spreads out the high velocity discharge from steam or air traps while dampening the level of noise.

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  • Air Diffusers | McMaster

    Commonly used with high-flow, air-powered equipment, such as diaphragm pumps and valves, these mufflers reduce noise and filter exhaust fumes without restricting flow.A rubber air diffuser provides uniform bubble distribution. Air-Powered Aerators. Connect to a compressed air line.

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  • Chinafore

    Ceiling diffusers,grilles,duct diffusers, slot diffusers, air valves, floor diffusers, swirl diffusers;Jet 20-03-05 Ventilation Installation Product Informatio

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  • air diffuser | air grille | air vent | focus on HVAC

    We are a proffesional manufactor of ventilation products & air conditioning terminal equipment and accessories with about 20 years experiences. Vairtech staff is devoting in designing & supplying a wide range of air diffuser, air grille, airconditioning diffuser, air damper, flexible duct, air filter, aluminum grille, aluminum diffuser.

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  • Air Diffusers | TROX GmbH

    Air should be added to the room in an individually regulated, precisely dosed manner. The objective is to obtain the best possible air quality in the occupied zone, and stable, homogeneous ambient temperatures. Regardless of whether inductive, displacement, or procondive ventilation is required, TROX and HESCO always offer the ideal diffuser.

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  • Grilles & Diffusers

    EXCELAIR GRILLES & DIFFUSERS EXCELAIR air outlets are the latest addition to the extensive product range manufactured by the CMS Group and are designed to exceed the expectation of air distribution requirements of commercial and domestic users. The range of versatile designed grilles and diffuser provide for adjustable panels which help to control and adjust […]

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  • | Krantz

    Call us on 0203 912 6222 for more information on our innovative solutions. Krantz Limited Epsilon House, Laser Quay, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4HU. For Kompaus, a Swirl Diffuser Layout Software & CadCreator, please go here :

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  • Silver Series II membrane disc diffusers | Xylem US

    A highly effective, integrated check valve enables the aeration zones to be easily shut down for air-on/air-off applications. Sanitaire patented pipe joints are designed to withstand thermal expansion and contraction, water hammer and other dynamic stresses, while pipe supports allow infinite height adjustment for accurate grid leveling.

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  • Airstone Diffuser and Foot Valve Kit | Koenders Water

    An Airstone Diffuser is recommended for use with Koenders Windmills and Electric Aerators. It increases the aeration effect by up to 800%. A Foot Valve is used in conjunction with Koenders Airstone Diffuser to prevent the back flow of water. Requires 3/8″ airline. This kit includes both the Airstone Diffuser and Foot Valve for a discounted price.

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    Check Valve Air Diffuser. Blower ON - Gas travels vertically due to buoyancy. Fluid is educted into vertical flow path. Diffuser tip is located 3” to 4” off the floor. Blower. OFF - Hydrostatic pressure on external sides of diffuser forces a “sealed” close. The Tideflex ® Check Valve Air Diffuser is a proprietary compression molded Tideflex ® unit.

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  • Metalaire > Home

    METALAIRE is the flagship brand of Metal Industries Inc., offering a complete line of air distribution and air terminal products. From standard grilles and registers, to its architectural line of Formations® linear slot diffusers, along with a newly released series of displacement diffusers, METALAIRE has the air devices to meet every need.

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